how to trend tweet on twitter/10 ways to trend on twitter.

10 Ways to Get Your Tweet to Trend on Twitter

how to trend tweet on twitter

There are plenty of ways to use Twitter, whether you’re an individual or company – but if you want your tweet to trend on Twitter, it’s important to follow these 10 steps. Some might seem obvious, while others might be counterintuitive to your goals; but with careful consideration and attention to detail, your tweets can definitely trend on Twitter... and then everyone will know about it!

1) Keep it Short:

1. tweet something controversial 

2. tweet a question 

3. make a meme 

4. use the trending hashtag # 5wordstory 5. create a pun 6. try one of these clickbait headlines: You won't believe what happened next! or What you missed last night 7. take a quote from someone famous and put your own words in their mouth 8. call out celebrities like Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber 9. start a dialogue 10. change up the punctuation in your tweets

2) Use Keywords:

Twitter is a powerful social media platform that allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with millions of people around the world. However, using Twitter to effectively reach your target audience can be challenging. The best way to get your message across on Twitter is by including keywords in your tweets. These words will help increase the likelihood that people searching for those topics will find you and click through to read more about what you have to say!

3) Engage with Other Users:

One way to get your tweet to trend on Twitter is to engage with other users who are tweeting about the same topic. You can also create hashtags that are trending, which will show up when people search for it. You can also use trending hashtags such as #worldcup or #election2018 to get your tweets noticed by more people. 

If you have a lot of followers, then you might be able to influence them with a funny meme or witty quote. The best time to post something is around 8-11pm PST when most people are using social media. Post frequently and share interesting content often to keep in front of your followers so they don't forget about you!

4) Use Hashtags:

Hashtags can help you get noticed and trend, but they're not all created equal. Use these ten tips to maximize the effectiveness of your hashtags! 

1) Put a hashtag before your tweet. 2) Be sure that the hashtag is trending. 3) Keep your hashtags short and sweet. 4) Include numbers in your hashtags for more exposure. 5) Add an emoji or two for fun! 6) Target specific users with custom hashtags. 7) Make your tweets personal by including # . 8) Utilize trending topics as much as possible to make it easier for others to find what you are tweeting about. 9) Spread out your tweets if you have a lot of them - don't tweet everything at once! 10) Don't use too many hashtags when posting one tweet; only use one or two at most.

5) Time It Right:

Timing is everything. If you want your tweet to trend, you'll need to time it right. Try posting at a time when the most people are online and in front of their screens. Social media is no exception - if you want your tweet to trend, there's a specific time for that too! Here are some guidelines for choosing the best times for tweeting - Sunday: 9pm EST (6pm PST)

- Monday: 10am EST (7am PST) 

- Tuesday: 7pm EST (4pm PST) 

- Wednesday: 7am EST (4am PST) 

- Thursday: 5pm EST (2pm PST) - Friday: 2am EST (11pm PST) 

- Saturday: 3am EST (12am PST)

6) Create Lists:

Twitter is a place where people go to find out what's trending. It's a free way for you to get your voice heard, and an opportunity for you to share what you care about with the world. We've compiled some helpful tips that will help make sure your tweets are heard by more people, and we have 10 ways for you to help make sure your tweets trend! 1) Remember hashtags. When you tweet about events, add relevant hashtags so others can find it in their feed or search for it on twitter (e.g., #Election2016). 2) Make a list of other accounts worth following based on topics that matter to you.

7) Share Photos and Videos:

You can create a Twitter account for free. Once you have an account, there are many ways to get your tweet to trend on Twitter. Here are 10 different tactics that might work for you:

- Use the hashtag #trending when tweeting about something popular like the Olympics or football game. - Create a Twitter Moment with tweets about a trending topic. - Ask people to retweet your tweet in exchange for something like a prize or discount code. Find someone influential and ask them to re-share your post. If you’re trying to promote a product or service, offer discounts or other special offers exclusively through Twitter. Follow influencers who are interested in similar topics as yours so they see and interact with your posts more often. 

Use polls to increase engagement – asking questions will make people want to respond and share their opinions!

8) Use Polls:

1. What is the best way to get your tweet trending?

2. How often should you tweet? 

3. What social media platform should you use? 

4. What are some ways to make it seem like you're tweeting from different locations? 

5. How can you promote your account without being too pushy or desperate for followers or likes?

9) Retweet Other Users:

Instead of tweeting the same message over and over again, try retweeting other people's posts. Retweeting helps you build your followers because it lets them know that you are paying attention. Retweeting also gets your message in front of different eyes which may result in more retweets and an eventual trending tweet. 

1) Find a tweet you want to retweet and click the Retweet button at the bottom of the post. 2) You will be asked if you would like to add a comment before the link is sent out. 3) If so, type it out and then press send. 4) If not, just press send without typing anything else.]

10) Host a Twitter Chat:

Twitter chats are a great way for you and your followers to engage in conversation with one another. They're also a great way for you to get exposure by having the opportunity to share your content with many people at once. To host your own chat, all you need is a Twitter account, some good questions, and an appropriate hashtag. You can set up your chat as either public or private, depending on what is best suited for what you want from it.

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