Find your girlfriend location using Whatsapp

Find your girlfriend location using Whatsapp

instance messaging app WhatsApp will launch a new they are working to develop this app “Live Location Tracking”.

This information are like are from twitter’s  WABetaInfo account.WABetaInfo is gives information for leaking an information about a new WhatsApp update.

This WhatsApp update will available in android ios and windows.

This feature allows user to find your friend location.This feature is may be helpful.

disadvantages of this feature are that “your boss can find .where are you?”

however, you have a privacy about enable or disable this feature.

Live Location Tracking

if you or your friends lost in a forest or any new city then you can easily.

Whatsapp new feature is useful beacuse you can easily find your friends.

The “Live Location Tracking” is disabled by default.

WhatsApp recently  add a new features in India video calling.

more user are available in India and most of the people are excited about this feature.

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