Uber hires NASA engineer to help develop flying car

Uber hires NASA engineer to help develop flying cars

Uber company making moves to expand its capability to making a flying car.Uber company hires a Mark Moore. Mark Moore is an engineer who works on the advanced tech of aircraft.

Uber company wants to make an advance technology to made a flying car that’s why Uber company take help of NASA engineer.

Flying Car

according to Bloomberg. The engineer was impressed by Uber’s work on the subject and saw a chance to make the vision.

he’d originally articulated years ago into something real, in a reasonable time scale

Moore said that key to his decision to join Uber was that the company seemed to have a practical business case for making a flying commuter transit service real – and nothing would ever get done without market motivation behind the vision.

Flying car tech is an advanced level technology so Uber takes a help of NASA engineer.

Flying car project is one of the best and bigger projects according to Uber.

Mark Moore was warked on VTOL ecosystem and so Uber decided to work with Mark Moore.

Uber employee says it’s a pleasure to work with mark.

if this project complete in a time than Uber become the largest company on earth.

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