how to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages

how to recover deleted WhatsApp Messages

if you are using the internet then you are also using Whatsapp.that’s a common the end of a day, we are chatting ion WhatsApp with lots of friends, family.sometimes we are done interesting MSG on WhatsApp and we don’t want to delete this message.but accidently it is deleting then don’t to worry about it because you are able to recover all message to follow some simple step.

there is some step to recover your data from any android device.

how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on ANDROID

Method 1:

Step 1:-

1. uninstall WhatsApp from your Android device

Step 2:-
2.reinstall WhatsApp on android device

Step 3:-
3. while you reinstall WhatsApp then you have to ask by WhatsApp to restore a backup.and tap to restore .your job is done.
restore WhatsApp message by

=>If you don’t want to uninstall or reinstall your WhatsApp messenger then you have to follow the second method. the secound method is a very easy method compared to method 1. in 2 methods you don’t have to uninstall or reinstall your WhatsApp messenger .you can get a backup with few minutes.

Method 2:

Method 2 is an easy method and fastest compare to method restore your b=message then you have to save your backup because without a backup you can’t able to recover your messages.soi advice you to select daily backup msg.

STEP 1:- WhatsApp and goes into the setting.

STEP 2:-
2. tap on CHATS option.

STEP 3:- you can see a “Chat backup” and TAP it.

STEP 4:-
4.Select BACKUP and you backup started to recover your Messages.
create backup

There are some Notes which you have to remember about Whatsapp messenger.

Note 1:-

Backup of WhatsApp messages are valid from 7 days that means once you uninstall your WhatsApp then you have to get a backup in 7 days otherwise, you lost your backup of messages.

Note 2:-

if you are not restoring data on 7 days then you lost that data.

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