New WhatsApp Features you should know

The world’s most popular App WhatsApp launched a new feature which makes WhatsApp more popular and secure.

here there are some features which launched past some months.

WhatsApp Introduces  Stories like Snapchat and Instagram.


It seems like all the social media giants are trying to copy each other. Earlier Facebook and Instagram introduced Snapchat like features. Now it is time for WhatsApp to introduce features like Snapchat. According to recent reports, WhatsApp Introduces 24-hour Stories like Snapchat and Instagram. Now WhatsApp users can post images or videos as their status.

fter the new feature is rolled out, users will be able to post images or videos as their status that will last for 24 hours and automatically disappear after that. According to some reports, users will be allowed to post six ephemeral status updates in a day.

Increased Image and Video Sharing limits

in an older version of Whatsapp, only 10 images or Video could be share.

New Update of WhatsApp includes a WhatsApp features to share a 30 Image or video at one time on individual chat or group chat.

WhatsApp is working on how to make WhatsApp User-friendly. sometime ago whats App also increased Add group member limit.

Convert video into GIF File

WhatsApp includes one new feature so you can able to convert your video into gif file before sending a Message.

When you attach a video to a message, you can convert the video to a GIF by tapping the camcorder icon on the upper right-hand corner of the video trimming page.

and that can be 6 second long so it takes a small size so easy to download.

REPLAY individual Message in group Or individual chat

WhatsApp features are available for Group chat as well as Private chat.

On Android, simply tap and hold the message to highlight, then tap on the reply button at the top of the chat. Then, type and send your response.

On iPhone and Windows Phone, simply tap and hold the message to highlight, then tap on Reply. Then, type and send your response.

on desktop click the right side of a message and click replay.


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