Moon Express Ready To Go on Moon

Moon Express Ready To Go on Moon

While NASA, Russia, china, India and Elon Reeve Musk are focusing into mars. then Moon Express has its eyes on the moon.Moon Express is a total Private company.which are a California based company.moon express had a mission to land on moon 2017.

Moon Express is slated to become the first firm to break this monopoly.Moon express an enough money for their mission.

moon express wants to mind the moon for a recourse.they want to find an water which turns into a fuel.

“We now have all the resources in place to shoot for the Moon,” Moon Express CEO Bob Richards said in a statement.”

Landing on the Earth’s satellite will get the company to win in the current Google Lunar X-prize competition. Winning guarantees an additional $20 million funds for the mission.

The company also has its eyes on mining “valuable” resources on the moon such as Helium-3.  Last 2015, Moon Express announced that NASA is willing to share its knowledge to the private company in order to make moon mining a possibility.

Google Lunar X Prize

Moon Express announced Jan. 13 that it has closed a $20 million financing round, giving the company sufficient funds for an attempt to win the Google Lunar X Prize later this year.

moon express will find a possiblity to search a water on moon witch converted into a fuel.

The company has also secured clearance from the US government for a moon mission, in August last year.

Holliday on The Moon

Holliday on The Moon via Moon future may be possible we can go in moon to enjoy our holiday.

The absence of atmosphere enables huge amounts of Helium-3 to accumulate on the moon. The solar winds produce Helium-3 that could potentially become a safer nuclear energy alternative. Safer in a sense that it won’t produce waste products in the process.

Moon Express is also looking at the possibility of turning the Earth’s satellite into human’s second home.

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