Google and LG are planning to launch of Android Wear 2.0

Last week a report surfaced with many details regarding the first two smartwatches to run Android Wear 2.0.

LG launch this smart watch with the help of like a program partner in this watches. according to source the date of release this watches is 9 Feb.

while we still need to wait until 9 February to more details of android wear 2.0

The photo, published by Techno Buffalo. you can see an image as below.there are couple watches which are LG wants to release.

you can see that left one is the watch sport and right one the watch Style.

The Sport will be bigger, as you can see, 768MB of RAM,  and a 430 mAh battery,4GB of storage, It’s also going to come with IP68 water and dust resistance, boasting a 1.38-inch 480×480 circular plastic OLED touchscreen heart rate monitor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, and GPS for Android Pay.

The first-time device goes on sales in united states after they expand all over the world.The image above reveals that the Watch Sport will have three buttons, whereas the Watch Style will have to make do with just one.


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