ISRO creates world Record by launched 104 satellites

ISRO creates world Record by launched 104 satellites

Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) is Indian space research company.ISRO creates a World record to launched 104 satellites into orbit around the earth.

ISRO’s first commercial launch was on a PSLV launched in 1999.
It’s the biggest Achievement oF Indian Space of organization.ISRO launched all Satelite with the help of PSLV-C37.PSLV’s full name is polar satellite launch vehicle.

ISRO launched 104 satellites.

It’s was a 39 flight of PSLV-c37 from Satish Dhawan Space station in harikota.

This is the thirty-eighth consecutively successful mission of weight of all satellites(104) was a 1378KG.
among 104 satellites two was from India and other are from other company.
PSLV-C37 also carried two ISRO satellites (INS-1A and
INS-1B), as co-passenger satellites.The remaining 101 co-passenger satellites carried were international customer satellites from the USA, sateliteThe Netherlands, Switzerland, Israel, Kazakhstan, and UAE.


USA =96 satellites, 
INDIA=2 satellites
Netherlands=1 satellite
Switzerland=1 satellite
Israel=1 satellite
Kazakhstan=1 satellite
UAE =1 satellite

PSLV_C7 Take off as planned at 9.28 am as an (Indian standard time).after 16 minutes 48 second, the satellites Reached a polar Sun Synchronous Orbit of 506KM.

in the succeeding 12 minutes, all the 104 satellites successfully separated from the PSLV fourth stage in a predetermined sequence beginning with Cartosat-2 series satellite, followed by INS-1 and INS-2,’’ said Indian Space of organization in a post-launch statement.

Indian Space of organization successfully sent an orbiter to Mars in 2013,isro chairman A S Kiran Kumar congratulated his team for the successful launch of 104 satellites

One cartoon is viral on social media.This cartoon was made by Newyork time on Sept 28, 2014. and now India made this Cartoon.


This time, scores of people on Twitter and the Times of India newspaper responded to the controversial NYT cartoon, and it has created a lot of buzz on social media.  Sandeep Adhwaryu drew this Cartoon.

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