how to increase extra storage on your iPhone?

how to increase extra storage on your iPhone?

you can increase up to 8GB space on your iPhone.sometime a lack of space create a problem to iPhone user so they could not able to download new Application songs or any other file.

iPhone external storage

The latest update of IOS10 should be able to clear your device up to 8 GB without any delete your data.this free space is different to iPhone and iPad.

Which update of IOS10?

IOS 10.3. you have to update your iPhone or iPad with IOS10.3.

How to download IOS 10.3?

GO into -> settings App -> TAP into software update at top of a page.

Check your storage

before an update, has to check your device’s Storage.
After download and install IOS 10.3.

and check your storage. you can found extra storage space add to your device.
Please note that Free space is various from device to device. according to over survey, you can get 5 to 7.8 GB extra space on your iPhone device.

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