How to dowload youtube videos without Software

how to download youtube video without software


There are many ways to download Youtube videos in PC.We provide top Tricks to download videos from youtube.

You can download youtube videos from your PC or device without any software or any have to follow some step.

  1. open youtube.
  2. play your Video which you want to download.
  3. Go to the address bar and add a “ss” keyword (without the quote)before Youtube on a link as given on image.

after www. and before youtube, you have to enter a ss.



4.wait a 4 second

5.your Video is ready for download

6.You can also select various quality



Select your quality and press button “HD/Mp3” to download your video.

I hope the information will helpful to you.

how can download youtube videos

  1. open This link LINK
  2. Paste your youtube link on box
  3. and your video is ready to download


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