How to hide lock screen notification on android

How to Hide Lock Screen Notifications On Android

If you are a smartphone user then you have some time of lock screen security.but if you talk about some stuff they can see on your lock screen?

You have some personal messages or a some OTP which you received via Message. so it can able to see when your phone is a lock.

So, in android, you can able to hide a content of your notification on a screen.

you have to just follow some step.

1=>Open Setting.



2=>select sound & Notification

3=>Tap the gear icon(Skip if not on Nougat)

Tap on When Device is locked.

4=>After you have to choose one option.

1.Show all notification content

2.Hide Sensitive notification content

3.Don’t Show Notification at all

6=>. and it’s done.

If you can not able to do this.plz comment we will help you in 15 minutes

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