Google chrome add new feature “QR code & barcode Scanner”

Google chrome add new feature “QR code & barcode Scanner”

Google chrome has released a new feature  Google Chrome Qr code and barcode scanner. so you can delete QR code scanner.

initially, Google chrome was available for only windows and android devices but now it’s available in IOS to devise.

you have to update your Google Crome chrome launched in 2 days ago.The app now includes built-in scanning functionality, which you can access either via 3D Touch on the app’s icon.

 Google Chrome QR code

Though these shortcuts only refer to QR code scanning, Chrome can scan a traditional product barcode as well. Doing so will take you to a Google Search results page for the item in question, where you can check prices, read reviews, and more.

Because of QR codes’ limited adoption, smartphone makers have been hesitant to fully integrate QR code scanning functionality into their operating systems, even though it would be a simple add-on from the Camera or a search utility. The iPhone’s QR code reader has tucked away inside the Wallet app, for example, where it’s used to scan coupons, boarding passes, tickets and the like. This presumes these are main ways that QR codes are used, but, in reality, that’s a limited subset of what QR codes can do.

The  Google Chrome QR code Extension. Allows to generate a QR Code for the current page and scan a QR Code using the webcam. Generates a QR Code from the Page URL of the current tab with a single click. The QR Code is displayed inline in a small popup.
you can also add an extension on your of a QR code scanner saw in bellow.
after click at given the link you have to click on add to you can see in the screenshot.

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