How to find my iPhone even if it’s Switch off

How to find my iPhone even if it’s Switch off

when your iPhone is lost, then you can able to find your iPhone even if your iPhone switch off or’s easy to find your iPhones last its an article about Hoe to Find iPhone even Is it’s is a Switch off or dead.

If your iPhone is lost then it does not affect to Icloud to find your iPhones last location.

Can I find my iPhone?

  • yes, ofcourse you can find your iPhone even if it was a died. you can able to find Your iPhone loaction Where your iPhone was died or switch off. Make sure that you have to turn on in icloud find my iPhone and send last location.

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how to find iPhone when it’s offline.

To find my Ipad you have to follow some step

  1. Open Find my iPhone App
  2.  if you have not on your iPhone then Tap on a sign out a top of the right corner.
  3. sign with your Apple Id and passcode.
  4. After you can see a list of all your device.choose device wich you want to find.
  5. Tap on car icon to get a direction.
  6. now you can see your iPhone location where it was lost or dead.

How to find my lost iPhone using Laptop?

most of the pepole uses their Computer to find his iPhone.
You have to follow some step

2. login with Apple id and password
3. select your iPhone

4. Select Lost mode
5. you can see the location of your iPhone.

  • Enter a phone number you can be reached at if found.

  • Then enter a message to display from the Lock screen.

  • Tap Done.
  • after simply unlock your device to lost mode to uses a passcode.

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