Facebook can show your City’s Weather

Facebook launched a new feature: – Weather

Facebook has added new features.this feature a forecast Weather report in Mobile app or desktop.

This feature is accessible from news feed or a mobile app’s  more menu.

Within the Weather section, you can view a full forecast for your week ahead, powered by data from Weather.com.

Facebook confirmed that the new feature, an updated version of its earlier “weather greetings,”

has launched to around 95 percent of its global population as of this week.

a year ago they also started Weather Feature in the UK. but due to some supported reason, it’s removed from facebook.

The weather Features works on based your location but you can also see all city”s information.

like an another weather app. you can also select temperature in either Faharenhit or Celsius.

you can’t swipe through your multiple locations, they are set up, as you could in a typical app like Yahoo Weather app instead if you want to change to a different location you have to return to the setting and tap the one you want to view.

Facebook said all the update are available on an app at the end of month.you have also an option available for daily notification about Weather or not.


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